Why is my bill estimated?

Some meters need to be read in person. This includes accumulation meters (non digital meters) and some smart meters where the wireless communication functionality has been disabled.

Meter readers can occasionally experience difficulties accessing meters to take an actual read (for example, if the meter is behind a locked gate, or if the meter reader deems it unsafe to access the meter). In these cases, we may have to estimate your energy usage based on your property's previous usage pattern. This allows us to provide continuous service and billing cycles without requiring you to be on site to grant access or pay for a special meter reading.

If you have received an estimated bill and your property utilises an accumulation meter with no solar power, you may submit your own meter reading. Once we receive your reading, we will calculate and send you a revised bill.

Please note that no more than three estimated reads are permissible per 12 month period. As such, we need to arrange an actual meter read at least once every 12 months, whether by a meter reader or as a self read. If your meter has not been read in the last 12 months and you are unable to perform a self read, please contact us to organise a suitable time for your meter to be read.

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