How do I submit a self meter read?

There are strict but simple requirements for taking and submitting a self meter read. You must take a photo that clearly shows the whole face of the meter, including the meter reading and the meter number/s*. The photo must also include something with the day's date on it to show when the photo was taken - this could be a second phone/tablet/device or a newspaper, but the date must be visible and legible. Finally, self meter reads are only accepted from basic meters (accumulation meters with analogue displays) and manually-read smart meters (interval meters with digital displays without the ability to communicate remotely to your network).

If your photo doesn't meet the requirements listed above, it will be rejected and you will need to try again. Please see below for examples of acceptable self meter reads.

You can take and submit your self meter read directly through the Discover Energy app. Alternatively, you can take the photo with your smart device and email it through to

However, please note that all meters are either read manually by a regular meter reader, or will automatically communicate your consumption data back to the network remotely. For this reason, while self meter reads can be helpful in certain situations, they are not generally required and not always accepted by all networks. The networks that currently accept self meter reads are: Endeavour (for transfers only), Jemena, and SA Australian Gas Network.


Gas Meter:



Electricity Meter:





*Some sites have multiple meters for the one energy type. If you have multiple meters, please ensure that you take a photo of each meter as part of your self meter read submission. If you aren't sure what your meter numbers are, you can find them on the last page of your Discover Energy bill under the Meter Reads heading. If you are not currently with Discover Energy, you can check your meter numbers with your current retailer.

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