Why is my bill higher than usual?

Your bill will likely fluctuate throughout the year as your energy usage changes. Common reasons for a higher electricity bill include:

  • Colder weather - most homes use more energy in cold weather. Your hot water system has to work harder to heat your water, long showers are common, and some households employ the use of heaters to stave off the cold*.
  • Hot weather - some households use air conditioners to cool their homes in hot weather, which can raise your energy bill; every degree of extra cooling can increase your energy consumption by approximately 5-10%*. 
  • Changes in your household - have additional people moved into your home? Are you spending more time at home? Do you have any new electricity appliances?
  • Estimated meter reads - if your meter hasn’t been read, we have had to estimate your energy use.
  • Errors in meter reads - errors in reading or transcribing your meter read may occur
  • Your billing period may be longer than your last account

As energy consumption can vary from season to season, we recommend that you compare your current bill with one from the same period last year, rather than last quarter.



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