Why have I received a bill addressed to The Occupier?

If you have received a bill from Discover Energy addressed to The Occupier, this is because you or someone at your property has consumed energy prior to signing up with an energy retailer, and we are the existing retailer responsible for that site. As we do not yet have your personal details, it is a requirement that we address the bill to The Occupier. However, this does not absolve you of financial responsibility for your energy consumption.

Prior to signing up to a particular plan, your energy consumption is managed by the existing retailer, and will be charged at standing rates per the Deemed Agreement. To explain what a Deemed Agreement is: effectively, you enter into a contract with the existing energy retailer by default when you move to a property, and this arrangement persists until you sign up for a specific plan with an energy retailer. This can be the existing retailer or another retailer.

Again, despite the bill not having your name on it, you are financially responsible for the energy you consume. If you have moved into a property midway through the Occupier billing period, please let us know and we may be able to reissue the bill to only cover your usage.

Further, if you would like to sign up with Discover Energy for future consumption, we may be able to backdate your plan to your move in date. This will allow us to apply the discounts of your new plan to your Occupier invoice, reducing how much you owe.

Please also note that, if you do not sign up with an energy retailer and/or you fail to pay your Occupier debt, we may disconnect the energy supply at your property.

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