What Concession/Rebates can I get in ACT?

You may be eligible for a concession or rebate to reduce the cost of your electricity or gas bills. To help you determine what concessions/rebates you may be eligible for, please see our list below, or check out the ACT Government website

Electricity, Gas and Water Rebate

Who may be eligible Valid concession card holders. This rebate only applies to electricity, gas and water supplied to your primary residence.
Rebate value
  • $800 (excl GST) / $880 (incl GST) per year
  • OR $1.02 (excl GST) / $1.12 (incl GST) per day from 1 November to 31 May (Summer)
  • AND $3.82 (excl GST) / $4.20 (incl GST) per day from 1 June to 31 October (Winter)
Applicable energy type This concession appears on your electricity bill but helps with your electricity, gas and water bills.
Valid concession cards
  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
  • Health Care Card (HCC)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Card (DVA)
How to apply Rebate is automatically applied when your valid concession is added via MyAccount



Life Support Rebate

Who may be eligible Life Support Rebate
Rebate value
  • $150 (excl GST) / $165 (incl GST) per year
  • OR 41.10c (excl GST) / 45.20c (incl GST) per day
Energy type Electricity
Valid concession cards Concession card not required
How to apply

To register for the Life Support Rebate:

  1. Contact us on 1300 658 519 to request a Medical Confirmation Form.
  2. Ask your doctor to sign the form and confirm that you need the equipment.
  3. Send the completed form to us via:
More info Visit the ACT Government’s Life Support Rebate page. You can check your eligibility while you’re there.


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