QLD VPP Battery Charging Feature

Discover Energy’s battery charging function available to VPP customers in QLD allows them to have their battery charged by Discover Energy from the grid when the price of electricity is very low. Customers will have their energy costs reimbursed for the power purchased from the grid, so these battery charges are essentially at no net cost to the customer. 

Due to the recent tariff reform plan set by the local energy distributor Energex, many customers with smart meters will have been placed on a demand tariff by the network. This tariff will result in an additional charge applied for increasing grid usage during peak demand periods. Charging batteries from the grid during this period will negatively impact a customer’s demand charge.

As a result of the high prevalence of customers on demand tariffs in QLD, VPP charging trades will be minimised by Discover Energy during peak demand periods (4pm - 9pm AEST) to avoid incurring excess demand charges

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