What is an “Invalid Trade”?

There are several reasons why a VPP trade may be listed as invalid.

  1.  Device Offline: If your inverter is offline, it won't be able to receive our trade signal. You can check if your system is online through the Solar System tab in our app/MyAccount or your inverter manufacturer's app/portal. 
  2. Device not implemented: If your system is not running, not connected properly or in fault, a trade cannot be successfully completed. 
  3. Low device version, please upgrade first: A firmware upgrade is required for us to be able to communicate with your system and obtain system information.
  4. Transaction time is less than 15min: Trades must be a minimum of 15 minutes to be considered valid trades. 
  5. Transaction power is 0kWh: Even if your inverter receives the trade signal, it is possible that there is no power exported. This may be a result of high load consumption or that the battery is at minimum capacity.
  6. Transaction cancelled: If the transaction is cancelled before the trading period begins or falls under any of the categories listed above before being cancelled, it will be listed as invalid.

Please note that even if a trade is invalid, you will be credited a standard feed-in rate of 25c/kWh for any quantity of energy exported from your battery.

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