My inverter shows I’ve generated more solar energy than what I’ve been billed for. Why is that?

Occasionally you may notice a discrepancy between the usage data from your inverter and what you see on your bill. This is because your bill is based on data from your electricity meter. Your electricity meter is subject to much more stringent standards and testing than the meter inside your inverter. This is to ensure fair and accurate billing, as electricity meters are the only source of billable information. Your inverter, on the other hand, provides usage data only as a rough guide to give you an idea of how much power your solar system is generating, and where that power is going.

With this in mind, if you believe there is an issue with how much energy is being fed back into the grid, you can consult your installer or inverter manufacturer to ensure your system was installed correctly, or you can reach out to us to request a formal meter investigation. Please keep in mind that networks do charge fees to perform meter investigations, and those fees will be passed on to you on your next bill if no error is found.

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