Discover Energy VPP Product Compatibility List

List updated 3rd August 2021 

Inverter Brand Inverter model* Battery Brand Battery model* Note
Sungrow SH (3.6/4.6/5) K-20
SH (3.6/4.6/5) K-30
LG Chem RESU LV 3.3/6.5/10/13 WiFi dongle version V25, V31, Winet are compatible.
V24 and below versions are not compatible
BYD Battery-Box Res (2.5/5.0/7.5/10.0)
Battery-Box Pro (2.5/5.0/7.5/10.0)
Battery-Box: L(3.5/7.0/10.6/14.0)
Battery-Box Premium LVS
Battery-Box Premium LVL 15.4
PylonTech US2000 B
Sungrow SBP4K8
GCL E-KwBe5.6
SH3.0/3.6/4/0/5.0/6.0 RS (1PH)
SH5.0/6.0/8.0/10.0 RT (3PH)
Sungrow SBR096/128/160/192/224/256
LG Chem RESU (7/10) H Type-R
  Battery-Box HVS
Battery-Box HVM
AlphaEss Smile5 INV AlphaEss Smile-Bat-10.1P Please NOTE:
Alpha Storion-S3/S5 (SN: AK**************) and Storion-Smile-B3/B5 (SN: AL3********** or AL8********) are not compatible at the moment
Smile B3 Plus Smile-Bat-5kWh Need serial number of battery instead of inverter SN for enrolment.
Only Solis RHI-5K with the battery's serial number starting with AL800 are compatible
Alpha-Solis RHI 5-10KWH Smile-Bat-10.1P
GoodWe GW-ES/EM/SBP GoodWe Lynx Home U Battery model: LX U5.4-L
PylonTech US2000  
AlphaEss Estore-BAT-10.3P Estore All-in-One system
DYNESS B4850  
LG Chem RESU LV 3.3/6.5/10/13
BYD Battery-Box LVS
Battery-Box LVL 15.4
Battery-Box Pro
Battery-Box Res
GW-ET/EH BYD Battery-Box HVM GoodWe EH has to be full hybrid version. No active grid tied version is not compatible.
Battery-Box HVS
PylonTech POWERCUBE-H1-48
SolarEdge StorEdge
SE (3000/5000/6000)
Model Suffix: AUS20NNB2
LG RESU (7/10) H  
Energy Hub
Model Suffix: AUS3MBX14
SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery model: ES-SEG-BAT-10K
LG RESU10H-Prime
Model Suffix: AUL00BNU4
SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery model: ES-SEG-BAT-10K
3PH Hybrid
Model Suffix: AUBTEBEU4
SolarEdge Energy Bank Battery model: ES-SEG-BAT-10K
Huawei SUN2000-(2/3/4/4.6/5/6)KTL-L1 Huawei LUNA2000-5-S0 HUAWEI inverter + LG battery is not compatible with DE VPP at the moment
FusionSolar account must be email verified
SUN2000-(5/6)KTL-M1 LUNA2000-10-S0

*Please read the table above to find solar product combinations compatible with our VPP platform. Please note, an inverter and battery are required to join our VPP platform. The listed batteries are only compatible with the inverter in their row.


Energy Offer

Eligible System

Automatic Payment method



System Requirements

Smart Meter

Reliable Wi-fi Connection

Inverter size <=10KW in total

Applicable to 1,2 & 3 phase metering

If inverter >=10KW in total, can export limit the rest

The inverter connected to the battery should not be export limited

Register with DE APP

Approved Operated Product



No Life Support

No Medical Conditions

No Demand Management participations 


Other Important Information

Monthly Billing

Benefit Term 12 Months

Rates are variable


Fees and charges apply for:

Move in/new connections

Special Meter Reads

Late Payment Fees

Credit Card Fees

Direct Debit Dishonour fees

Disconnection Services

Other services (See website for specific charges)


For more information, or to join Discover Energy VPP please visit or ring 1300 946 898

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