Will my previous retailer tell you if I have life support registered?

If you are a life support customer who has recently transferred to Discover Energy, you will need to notify us as registration doesn't transfer between retailers.  You can let us know by updating your life support status via My Account, by calling us on 1300 658 519 or emailing us on customerservice@discoverenergy.com.au.  We will then send you any paperwork that needs to be filled out and register your account accordingly.  

Please note that you can also send us the same form that you sent your previous retailer to register for life support as long as it's less than 4 years old.  If you don't have a copy of that form any more, you can call your previous retailer and ask them to send it to you.  Once you have received it, please send it to us at customerservice@discoverenergy.com.au 

If you registered the life support equipment with your local network distributor, they will let us know and we will update your account registration accordingly.

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