Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as bushfires, floods, and storms are a fact of life in Australia. Your safety is the highest priority, and the dangers involving electricity and gas in natural disasters or emergencies can be life threating.

During natural disasters or emergencies situations if there is risk to life or property it is important that you get immediate help - call 000.

In case of power outages, it is always a good idea to keep a reliable, charged torch somewhere easily accessible as you may need to find it in the dark. If you have to leave your property, remember to take your phone and phone charger if it is safe to do so.

Where there are fallen powerlines, do not approach - stay at least 8 meters away and contact the distributor immediately so they can arrange repairs. Follow the links below to find your distributor's emergency contact details, or see the first page of any Discover Energy bill under Important Information. 


Floods and storms

If your property has water coming into the premises or is at risk of flooding ALWAYS remember:

  • If it is safe to do so, turn electricity off at the main switch on your switchboard before your property becomes inundated or submerged in rising floodwaters (even if your power is already out)
  • Remove or relocate all portable electrical appliances away from areas likely to be impacted by water, particularly those on the ground
  • Treat all powerlines as 'live' and dangerous by keeping at least 8m clear of them. Never drive across fallen powerlines
  • Avoid all contact with wires that are hanging low or on the ground, dangling in floodwaters or tangled in trees. 


Distributor emergency contacts


Fire emergency contacts


Other emergency contacts


Financial Assistance

If you have been affected by a natural disaster or emergency and require financial assistance, please contact us to discuss what we can do to help.


Power Outages

If you are experiencing a power outage you can contact your distributor to report the outage and to determine what has caused the outage and how long it is expected to last. Distributor websites usually include an application to view planned and unplanned outages in their jurisdiction.

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