What should I do if I suspect there is a gas leak/I can smell gas?

If you smell gas in the street or on your property before or including the gas meter, you should call the you local gas network faults and emergencies line to locate and repair the leak.

If however, you believe the leak to be after the meter on a section of pipe work connecting your appliances, or on the appliance itself, you should contact a licensed gas fitter to rectify the problem. Remember, any person undertaking work involving gas must be appropriately licensed.

If you suspect there is a gas leak or you can smell gas inside your home you should

  • Turn off all appliances and pilot lights.  
  • Turn off your supply at the gas meter.   (see this article for how to turn off your gas meter) 
  • Open all doors and windows for ventilation.   
  • Contact your licensed gas fitter to repair the leak and relight appliances.

It's important to remember:

  • Do not look for a gas leak with a naked flame or other ignition source.
  • Do not operate electrical equipment close to a gas leak.
  • Don't turn on or switch off any lights, use a telephone, or use a flashlight, at the risk of causing a spark that could start a gas fire.
  • Don't smoke, light matches, or use a cigarette lighter inside or while on the property.

Your Responsibilities

As the owner, you are responsible for the gas installation in your home or business, including any associated costs, and should use a licensed gas fitter to carry out any gas work required. Your gas fitter will be responsible for carrying out work at your gas meter outlet up to (and including):

  • The gas appliance.   
  • The pipe work from the gas meter to the appliance.   
  • Any flues or ducts.   

If a gas leak occurs between your gas meter location and your appliances, you should contact a licensed gas fitter to arrange a repair.

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