Gas Safety Awarness

The information on this page has been developed to help protect you and your premises around natural gas.

Natural Gas is a reliable, safe, effective, and economical source of energy, but as with all sources of power, it does need to be treated with respect.

Gas Emergencies:

In case of a major gas leak or if you believe there is a risk to life or property call 000

Gas Leaks

A gas leak poses a risk to you and your property, if you can smell gas you should:

  • Extinguishing any open flames.
  • Open windows for better ventilation.
  • Try to find the source of the smell.
  • If you cannot find the source or you believe it is coming from an appliance that is turned off, turn off your gas meter, and turn off your electricity meter.
  • From outside the house, call your local gas fitter or licenced plumber.

If you believe the gas leak is outside the premises, either in the street or between the street and your gas meter: report the leak immediately by calling your gas distributor and:

  • Give an accurate description of the location and details of the gas leak.
  • Turn off or remove any source of ignition such as naked flames, cigarettes, mobile devices, and electrical equipment.
  • Turn off the gas supply at the gas meter if accessible and safe to do so.

Your gas distributor

As well as a licensed gas fitter or plumber, notify your local gas distributor of any gas leaks, you will find their contact details on your gas bill or below. Find out who distributes gas to your area here.

State Distributor Contact Details
New South Wales Jemena Gas Networks

131 909


Australian Gas Networks

1800 427 532


APT All Gas & Australian Gas Networks QLD


1800 427 532

South Australia Australian Gas Networks

1800 427 532

Victoria Australian Gas Networks

1800 427 532

Ausnet Services

136 707



132 691

Gas Systems:


To make sure of the safety of your gas appliances, only use appliances that have been approved and certified by a recognised Australian organisation and meet the approved standards of the Australian Gas Association (AGA) or Standards Australian International Global. Appliances must carry a compliance plate with an AGA approval number.

See what certification labels to look for here

Choosing a licences gas fitter or plumber

Always use a licenced gas fitter or plumber and ensure you receive a compliance certificate for any work that is completed. Licenced gas fitters and plumbers can only install or repair certified products. And will carry an identity card, stating what work they are qualified to perform.

You should keep your certificates of compliance and invoices for the work as proof that the work was done correctly.

Your states regulator can help you find a licenced gas fitter/plumber

State Regulator Contact Number
New South Wales NSW Fair Trading 13 32 20
Queensland Building Services Authority 1300 272 272
South Australia Consumer and Business Services 131 882
Victoria Energy Safe Victoria 1800 815 721

Gas Safety Tips:

  • Never store flammable liquids or fuels including rags, paper and rubbish near the gas meter.
  • Only use appliances for their purpose, e.g., never use a gas cooker or oven as a room heater.
  • Do not attempt to fix, alter, or modify your gas meter or gas inlet pipe.
  • Never leave a heater unattended
  • Do not allow children to operate appliances without supervision.
  • If you suspect your appliance may not be operating properly, turn it off and call a licensed gas fitter.

Turn off your gas supply and call a licensed gas fitter immediately if you see:

  • a gas appliance burning incorrectly - e.g., yellow, or uneven flames, pungent odours, black carbon soot, appliance going out regularly.
  • visible damage to gas pipes

Your gas meter - Turning gas supply off and on.

Before turning your gas supply off or on, make sure you first turn off all gas appliances and pilot lights in your home, e.g., gas cooking appliances, heaters, and water heaters. If you have a gas water heater, turn the water supply tap off, too.

Locate your gas meter – it may be in a metal box on the side of your house, or in your front garden under a plastic cover.


To turn off the gas supply in your home, turn the supply valve tap to the horizontal off position (at a right angle to the pipe). To turn it on, turn the supply valve tap to the vertical on position (in line with the pipe).


If you don't know where your gas meter or supply valve is, contact your gas provider.

Bushfire Safety

If a bushfire is threatening your home, you should turn your gas supply off whether you are staying at the property or not.

Keep the area around the gas meter clear of obstructions and combustible materials.

After a bushfire

If your home has been affected by a bushfire, don’t turn on the gas supply until a licensed gas fitter has tested your gas supply and confirmed there are no gas leaks or damage to your gas outlet, piping, or gas appliances.



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