How do I unsubscribe from marketing materials?

Occasionally we send out marketing materials to advise both existing and potential customers of new offers and products that may be available.

You can choose to opt out to prevent being contacted in relation to marketing activities.

If you have been contacted by SMS or Email, please follow the unsubscribe instructions at the end of any marketing message to unsubscribe and prevent further marketing communications being sent via SMS or Email.

If you have been contacted directly by a marketer at your premises or by mail at your premises that you no longer wish to receive, if you contact us by phone, email or advise the marketer directly we will add you to our Do Not Contact List.

Once you are added to the Do Not Contact List you will remain on the list for 2 years, during which you will receive no further contact by marketers or direct mail to your property. It is important that if you wish to be added to the Do Not Contact List that you ensure we have the correct details for you and your property. After the 2 years you can re-add your details to the Do Not Contact List if you wish to remain on it.

If you have been contacted by phone you can contact us directly by phone, email or letter or advise the telemarketer that you no longer wish to be contacted by Discovery Energy for marketing purposes and we will remove your details from our marketing call lists. If you no longer wish to receive marketing calls from any company ,you can register your phone number on the Do Not Call Register and this will ensure that your phone number will not be used for any marketing related calls.

If you are a Discover Energy customer, there are times when we will need to contact you to advice you of changes that may be occurring, or to send you notices directly related to your agreement with us, including bills, and notices. You are not able to opt out of receiving these communications.

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