How do I sign up and switch to Discover Energy?

Our sign up process is entirely online, so there's no need to call. If you've already confirmed what plans you're eligible for and know which one you'd like to sign up to, simply click on the Sign Up icon on our homepage. This will take you straight through to our sign up page.

If you haven't yet confirmed what plans you're eligible for, simply jump over to our Compare Plans page, select Electricity Plans or Gas Plans from the dropdown menu at the top, and enter you address. Our system will  then look at what tariffs apply to your site and show you only the plans that match those tariffs. If you see a plan you like, you can go straight through to the sign up page from there by clicking on Select Plan and following the prompts.

Please note: most third party comparison websites don't look at your tariffs to confirm plan eligibility before providing you with a list of the best plans in your area. For this reason, if you've started researching plans on Energy Made Easy or similar sites and found a plan you'd like to sign up for, you will first need to confirm your eligibility for that plan per the instructions above.

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