What are the benefits of adding a battery to my solar system?

A standard solar system consists of a series of solar panels and an inverter. This system can help reduce your grid usage by supporting your household load when it is producing energy. However, it can only produce energy while it is exposed to sufficient sunlight. If an excess of energy is produced, it is fed into the grid.

By adding a battery to your solar system, you can store excess energy to be used at a later time. There are two main benefits of this feature:

  1.  Your stored energy can be used when the sun is down or there is poor solar performance. This can be useful in offsetting the higher electricity costs that occur during peak periods
  2.  When you use your battery rather than the grid during peak periods, you reduce your impact on the electricity grid and help prevent blackouts that occur as a result of high demand on the grid

A battery can help maximise the use of your solar panels by capturing more of the generated energy and can also act as a backup power supply during a temporary power outage for higher energy security. 

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