How can I upgrade my meter?

At your request, we can arrange to upgrade your current meter to a smart meter. This may involve replacing your meter*, or reconfiguring your existing meter to communicate remotely.

Where the current meter needs to be replaced, please allow 3-4 weeks to complete the process. Discover Energy will cover the costs of the new meter and its installation. Please note that your tariffs may change as a result of your new meter, which will affect your rates.

If your existing interval meter needs to be reconfigured for remote communication, please allow 1-2 weeks for this process to complete. A fee of up to $34.40 may be charged for this service. 

Please keep in mind that you may be charged a wasted visit fee if the meter technicians cannot access your meter on the day. If your meter board needs to be upgraded to support the new smart meter or if it needs to be brought up to current safety and compliance codes, you or the owner of the property will need to cover these costs.

If you are unsure of your meter type and which kind of upgrade would be required, feel free to contact us via webchat or send us an email at and our team will assist you.

*In Victoria, you will need to contact your local network to arrange smart meter upgrade if you have a basic meter.

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