I can't see any solar data in the app/My inverter is offline. What do I need to do?

If you can't see any data from your solar system in our app, or you've received a notification that your inverter is offline, there are a few things you can troubleshoot yourself before getting in touch with the manufacturer.

  • Did you get a new Wifi router?
    • If you have recently upgraded your router, you will need to connect your inverter to the new Wifi network
  • Have you changed your wifi password recently?
    • If your Wifi password has recently changed, please update this password in your inverter.
  • Have you changed the name of your Wifi network?
    • If you've changed the name of your Wifi network (for example from the name that came with the router to your family name) you will need to update these details in your inverter.
  • Is your inverter in range of the Wifi router?
    • If your inverter is far away from the Wifi router, it may be out of range.  You can move the router closer to the inverter or invest in a signal booster.
  • Are you connecting to the correct band?
    • Most modern routers are equipped with multiple bands (dual band inverter) that utilise different frequencies.  Most commonly they are 5GHz and 2.4Ghz.  Most inverters are only capable of utilizing the lower frequency channel.  Make sure you have connected to the 2.4GHz band.

For information on how to connect your inverter to Wifi, you can access information specific to your inverter using the links below.



Sungrow V25/V31  |  Sungrow WiNet

SolarEdge (other help tutorials are available here)

Huawei (other help tutorials are available here)



If you continue to have issues, the best point of contact is either the company that installed your solar system or the inverter manufacturer. 

You can find your solar installers contract details on the invoice they provided when your system was installed.

Below are the contact details for manufacturers we currently support.


Phone: +61 1300 968 933 (Technical Support)

Email: australia@alpha-ess.com

Website: www.alpha-ess.com


Phone: +61(0)3 9918 3905 (Service) or +61251040612 (Wifi and communication issue)

Email: service.au@goodwe.com (Service)

Website: www.goodwe.com.au


Phone: +61 1800 786 476 (1800 SUNGROW)

Email: service@sungrowpower.com.au

Website: www.en.sungrowpower.com


Phone: +61 1800 465 567

Email: support@solaredge.net.au

Website: www.solaredge.com


Phone: +61 1800 046 639

Email: au_inverter_support@huawei.com

Website: www.huawei.com/au/


Phone: +61 1800 723 557 (1800 Q CELLS)

Email: support@qhome.email 

Website: www.q-cells-australia.com/


Phone:  +61(0)2 80651298 or 1800 476 928

Email: australia@ginverter.com 

Website: https://www.ginverter.com

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